Iranian Mom And Her Daughter


This girl is 18 years old, and she comes from an Iranian family, her mom is divorced and I know them since forever, we talk on the phone sometimes, and massage each other, and on that day I went to visit the girl, and I walked with her in park, but u know the Iranians they are a bit conservative, the Mom kept on watching us from the window, and she told us I want u to stay under my eye sight, and I wanted to kiss the girl a bit, so I did and her mom saw us, she got angry and asked us to go up, I went there I was a bit scared, she shouted at her daughter and asked her to go to her room then we talked a bit and she started sucking my dick, OMG!! That I was not expecting, the girl came after and we started a 3 some and it was one of the best nights I have ever had.

November 4, 2023