Jerking Off My Step-Brother AND Uncle

Nymphomaniac Riley jerks off both her step-brother and uncle on the same day! My ex-wife's step-brother's are spending some time at my house since he and his wife are on a summer long European vacation. I don't really know what to do with them but since they are both over 18 they seem to be self sufficient. My nephew is definitely the lazy one of the two and my niece is quite the little ray of supple skin sunshine. She made me my favorite breakfast and coffee to give me a great start to a work day. I try not to stare too much at her but sometimes I cant help it. I have to remind myself these are my still somewhat my family and and I would be in such trouble acting out any of the unclean thoughts I have. I cant help but wonder if she purposely was holding her knees and flashing me her pretty lace panties as she talked to me at breakfast though. I think she may not be as innocent as she looks. My step brother and I have to stay at my Uncles house while my parents are in Europe this summer. Even though we are both over 18 I guess our parents didn't trust us home alone. I don't mind so much because I like being the little lady of the house. I get to fix meals and clean and be responsible just like a grown up. My Uncle is pretty hot for an older guy. I've noticed quite a bulge in his pants sometimes when he first wakes up and comes to the kitchen for coffee. I'm talking quite a big bulge. I know I shouldn't be thinking about the size of my Uncle's dick but I cant help it my hormones are out of control lately. Its been kind of nice having more time to spend with my step-brother too. It's fun to boss him around and watch him do what I say. He rubs lotion on me while I sun bathe. I like his soft hands on my skin. His touch turns me on. I can justify myself because he isn't really related. Today I think I'm going to push it and see if he will agree to let me be the boss of his cock. I've noticed he gets turned on when he's putting lotion on me and if he does again today I will take him inside and finish him off. Yep, just like before, he got a hard on. I'm in such a frisky mood I can't wait to take him to his room and get ahold of his dick. This is a secret between us. We've always gotten along so well so this seems totally natural between us. I love the way his stiff cock feels in my soft hands. I love knowing that I am the one who turned him on. I can't hump him all the way but I'm going to get myself off by rubbing my wet little mound on his leg. Oh, that feels so good. I was surprised I actually got so sticky wet by jerking off my step-brother! After I made myself feel good by grinding his leg I started furiously hand fucking his dick. I wanted to make him cum so good. I want my step-brother to feel as good as I do. He shot so much thick goo on my hand! I giggled as I called him disgusting and hot at the same time. Even though he is my step-brother I'm glad we love each other enough to take care of each other's needs. I felt I had to put on kind of a show as well because I noticed a shadow at the bedroom door while I was jerking my brothers cock. It was my Uncle, watching me. He must have forgot something and had to come back home from work. I wasn't going to be embarrassed for what I was doing with my step-brother. I showed my Uncle I'm not as innocent as he may think. It turns out that very evening I was able to show my Uncle what a grown up girl I am. My step-brother was hogging the bathroom and I needed to shower so I asked my Uncle if I could shower in his room. He is so accommodating to me. He really has been nice to us while we are staying with him. I've noticed him staring a little too long at me sometimes but he hasn't tried anything creepy like most men do. I want to do something nice for him. I make my step-brother feel really good when I give him a hand job so I'm thinking I can do the same for my Uncle. He doesn't have a wife to come home to anymore so this is the least I can do to help ease his stress. I thank him again for letting me and my step-brother stay here. I tell him I notice all the nice things he does for us and let him know I want to do the same for him. The way he looks at me says he will let me do whatever I feel comfortable doing to him. It feels so nice to rub my skin against a grown man. I found myself horny for him. His thick cock felt so good against my swollen pussy. He let me do whatever I wanted and I did. I rubbed myself all over his body. My pussy was as wet as my mouth. Imagine my surprise when I actually did see his grown up cock. It was so big and thick, just like I imagined yet even more beautiful. I buzzed no time working it. My thick honey saliva got it nice and lubed for my little hands to grip and stroke. I wanted this mans cum all over me as quick as possible. I wanted to know I could make a grown man cum just like I can when I jerk my step-brother. I was having so much fun stroking his stiffness that I even put my little sensitive feet around his shaft. He really like this a lot! I could sense he was ready to give his load to me so I did what I know to make it happen. He gave me so much cum and it even smelled good. Oh wow, that was so much filthy fun with him I had to thank him again for having is stay with him.


December 4, 2023