Keeping Secrets


Leah Lee has been trouble for her stepfather since he married into the family, but things escalate when he finds Leah's phone. Scrolling through Leah's messages, he realizes that she's planning on hooking up with a guy over the weekend instead of going to a friend's. When her stepdad confronts her about her lies, Leah is initially contrite. Claiming that she's been really horny and she needs to get some this weekend, she asks her dad to keep her secret. When he is still reluctant, Leah sees an opportunity to get her way when she realizes that she can translate the way her stepdaddy looks at her sometimes into leverage.After feeling up her small titties in front of her daddy, Leah pulls her shirt up so her stepdad can see her hard nips. Then she reaches out and finds him nice and hard. He offers token resistance, but Leah quickly gets his hardon out so she can suck him off like she knows he's been dreaming of. Now that Leah has had a taste of the D, she's not about to let her dad stop there. She shows him how wet she is, peeling down her panties and spreading her legs as she leans forward. Leah's stepdad can hardly wait to stick it in now that he has the opportunity. He fucks his daughter doggy style, then on her back. Leah climbing onto his fuck stick and riding him in her bare twat is a dream come true. When Leah hops off and strokes her stepdaddy off, she takes his cumshot in her mouth like a champ. When she's done, the petite hottie

November 4, 2023