Leave HER For ME Daddy

I know you're about to get married soon, Daddy. There's only one problem though. You have to marry ME instead of HER. Let's do something crazy. Skip town, change our names, and just be together forever. She's a blown out used up whore, Daddy. Come on. Look at me compared to her. Come on Daddy... You know i'm sexier than her. Younger than her. Sluttier than her. Do not show up to your wedding Daddy. Marry me instead of her. I'm fucked up right now but these are sober thoughts, Daddy. The margaritas just make me tell you the truth. You know what? Here take a sip of this! Another sip! MORE! You need to be as messed up as me, Daddy. See. We can have sex now. We are both so fucked up we just can't help it. We can't control ourselves right, Daddy? See it's just the margaritas, Daddy. It's not cause you actually want to fuck me. Just do it. Fuck me Daddy! Love me Daddy! Run away with me Daddy! Marry me Daddy! Give me your cock Daddy! All of it! DEEP. FUCK ME DADDY. FUCK ME!


November 24, 2023