Let Me Get You Ready Daddy

Step-Dad is getting ready for his first date in ages. He is in the washroom, and just came out of the shower. His step-daughter enters the bathroom, and step-dad covers up immediately. He asks what she's doing in here, and she says she wanted to ask him if his excited about his date. Dad tells her he is, and his quite anxious since he hasn't been on a date for years. Alora replies by saying that she understands, and is thankful that he sacrificed his social life to raise her. She also tells him how appreciative she is that he even sacrificed having a sex life. Dad, goes silent as his step-daughter mentions his “sex life”. Alora tells him that she has an idea to help him get less anxious, and to show appreciation for his forgone sex life. She starts taking her clothes off and step-dad asks in surprise what she's doing. She tells step-dad to keep quiet and just enjoy what his little girl has in store for him. She undresses then uncovers step-dad's cock. As she strokes it, she tells him that it's alright, since she's his step-daughter and all. She continues to tell him that she believes that this act is right and fine, and she really wants to do it. She starts sucking on his cock. She dirty talks to him mentioning how every time she mentions “step-daughter” or “little girl” his cock gets harder. She tells him she knows that he likes this as much as she does. Dirty talk and bj continues until step-dad is about to cum. Alora tells her step-dad to give her his cum, telling him when she drains him, she'll also drain away his anxiety. Dad explodes in her mouth. Alora shows step-dad what his done then swallows the load. She goes back to suck his cock, and in between sucks she asks how he feels, and if it has helped. He tells him it actually has and thanks her for it. She kisses her step-dad's cock, and wishes him good luck.


November 23, 2023