Like Mother Like Daughter #19

This week Mia and I auditioned a new guy. He’s been sending me emails and picks all summer so our schedules finally aligned and we could see him. He was a bit shy but we made him feel comfortable. It wasn’t hard to turn him on by showing him our big tits and pussies. He was so hard in his pants while we made out with him. I asked him if he wanted just a blow job but he said no that he really wanted to fuck us. He’d never been with two women before so we made it the best night of his life! He was so good at eating my pussy but I really wanted his dick so he fucked me on my back and then doggy. His dick felt so good inside my pussy when he fucked me that I came right away! Mia sat on his face while I sucked on his dick and she came that way. We were going at it for over an hour and then he jerked off on his stomach and Mia and I licked it up. He was a lot of fun!


December 15, 2023