Little Brothers Fantasy

Cindy, A few weeks ago I snuck a peek at my little brothers journal and you won't believe what I found. Apparently he has a fantasy about having sex with me dressed up in a cowgirl outfit. Surprisingly enough it actually turned me on quite a bit so I decided to make his fantasy come true. I got him a massage appointment at my girlfriends place and once he was in the room I came in dressed just like he fantasized. He was speechless as I climbed on the table and started sucking his cock. His cock was hard in no time flat so I climbed on top and rode him just like a cowgirl. After a bit I needed more so I begged him to fuck me from behind. He really must have enjoyed pounding me doggy style cause he came right after I did. I hope you don't think I'm strange for telling you this but c'mon at least hes my step brother.


December 4, 2023