Lucky To Have A Helping Mom


Mommy came in my room last night because dad was snoring really loud again and she couldn't rest... I was also having trouble napping because I hurt myself recently and I've been in a lot of pain. Mommy wants to help me get rid of the pain but I am not sure if I want her help. She takes her big, natural tits out from underneath her black nightgown and then she starts rubbing her hands over my pants... I can feel my cock getting hard but I don't understand why!! She tells me that I can grab her tits, so I do... but this is my mom and I don't think that I'm supposed to be getting hard!! "Mommy helped you when you were little and she can help you now," she tells me as she slowly puts my cock inside of her mouth. She sucks my dick for a while, until I tell her that I want to see what her pussy looks like... she slips off her black g-string so I can rub her clit, while she jerks my cock up and down. 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November 3, 2023