Making A Mess On My Stepsister's Prom Dress

I can hardly believe my boyfriend broke up with me the day of prom! I had my new dress ready, got my hair colored and styled and then got the phone call from the loser that he decided to go out of town on a camping trip instead of take me to prom. I was heartbroken until I got the bright idea of how I could still go and be seen in my new dress at prom and have a great time. My stepbrother wasn't doing anything interesting so he agreed to take me. We had such a fun night! He knew my ego was a little bruised so he treated me extra special all night long. The whole night was better than I imagined it could be. The only part that was a little ...should I say, confusing was when my step-brother and I were slow dancing, I could feel a bulge in his pants. I didn't think he had those kinds of feelings toward me. We haven't ever even teased about anything sexual so I was really surprised to feel such hardness for me. I was wondering how I could possibly repay him for making me feel so special. Once we were home from the dance and in my room talking about the evening we just had, I knew exactly what I could do to show my appreciation. I would take special care of that bulge in his pants that I felt earlier. We'd have to be quiet though because our parents are napping in the room next door. I could hardly wait to wrap my manicured hand around his cock and stroke him. What guy can resist a hand job from a pretty young blonde like me? Even though he is my stepbrother I wanted him to feel as good as he made me feel tonight. I was surprised by how big his dick is. It felt good in my grip. I've heard him beating his meat alone in his room before. If I had known what a nice sized dick he has I would have gotten it in my hands long before tonight. It only felt a little weird cause we are kind of related but while I was stroking him I focused more on giving him pleasure than the fact he is my step-brother who I've practically spent all my growing years with. None of that seemed to matter because he definitely was rock hard for me right now. I cranked his cock with a firm grip, up and down, up and down. He started to moan heavier and his breathing was getting faster so I knew he was going to give me a great geyser of his goo. I asked him to spew it on my prom dress. You see, my boyfriend really broke up with me because he didn't think I was going to ‘put out' on prom night. I'm going to mail my cum stained prom dress to him to let him see what he missed. Hahaha....he really is the loser.


December 14, 2023