Making New Memories

My son, Chad White, brings over a box of his ex-wife's clothes for me to utilize. I dislike the idea, but after seeing how my disapproval offends him, I try on one of her dresses. I feel embarrassed being a forty year old woman and wearing a mini dress, but he assures me I look "beautiful." I love it when he calls me, "beautiful." He takes me to a nightclub where I have a marvelous time. I danced and laughed with everyone but my son. He claims he doesn't dance, and I wonder why he took me to such a place just to watch me enjoy myself. When we went home, my mood was lifted but my feet ached from dancing in heels. He slid off my heels and insisted we watch a movie together. I grab a stack of my husband's DVDs and I drop them-- pornographic films! Chad laughs and tells me how the storylines aren't too bad, he pops one in to show me. Dear reader, it's true.. I watched a porn with my son, and you wouldn't believe what happened next! Watch the story unfold..


December 24, 2023