Me & my aunt on a mission of conception

4 months ago

⁣Sisters Ciara and Cherry are having a serious heart to heart discussion over coffee. The family crisis is as follows.....younger Sister Cherry and her Husband Ted have been trying to have a baby for quite some time now. They have tried everything.....and Cherry is at her wit's end....and ready to give up on every having a baby. Older Sister Ciara, however, won't give up so easily!! Ciara says she could never get over the disappointment of not having little Nieces and Nephews. Ciara has an idea...that may be somewhat....."outside the box". Ciara suggests to her younger Sister Cherry that Ciara's Son Connor could Father a baby for Cherry!!! Cherry is shocked at the idea of conceiving a baby with her own Nephew......but Ciara begins to convince Cherry....."Connor comes from good jeans.......he's not shooting blanks like Ted.....he's almost the same age as you.....and I "know" that he was checking you out in your bikini at the Family Picnic last Summer.....". Cherry decides that it is worth a try....and the Sisters bring the proposal to Connor in his room. Connor, of course is very reluctant to have sex with his the request of his Mother....with the mission to impregnate his Aunt.....but since Aunt Cherry is SO HOT....young Connor agrees!! Mom leaves the two of them alone to "do the deed"....and Cherry seduces her young Nephew....sucking his cock....and even sweetening the "mission of conception" letting her Nephew eat her pussy and her ass....something she knows he has always wanted to do. After tasting the forbidden fruit of his hot Aunt's private parts....Connor is ready!! Connor pounds away at his Aunt Cherry until he gives what she wants....a load of baby makers inside her!!! Cherry thanks Connor for his "service"....and tells him that the whole Family will benefit from his wonderful help....but they must promise never to let Uncle Ted know.