Metalhead Daughter Trying To Avoid Punishment

Allison is Grounded, for pulling the fire alarm at school. Her sentence is 2 weeks….and she still has 4 days to go. She is talking to one of her girlfriends on the phone…and it turns out, Allison will be missing a big shoe sale at the Mall tonight!! As disappointed as she is about missing the shoe sale…Allison confides to her girlfriend, that the toughest part of being Grounded is…..she’s so HORNY!!! Allison, apparently had been having sex with her boyfriend, Mike 3-4 times a day before she was Grounded….and she is going crazy being locked up in her room all day, every day!! She can’t take it anymore…so when her Dad comes home…Allison calls him into her room, and tells him about her “situation”. Dad doesn’t know exactly what to say….but Allison just starts stroking his cock, through his pants….and she tells him that, even though he is her Dad…he has a cock…and she desperately needs to use his cock!! Before Dad can think twice…Allison has his pants down, and she is feverishly sucking his cock!! Once Dad’s cock is hard and throbbing…Allison gets on top of him…and literally fucks his brains out!! She is absolutely in HEAT!!! Allison finishes off her Dad by swallowing all of his sperm down her throat, and then licking her lips!!! Dad tells her to clean herself up…..Mom has a roast in the oven….


November 7, 2023