Mike Fucks His Sister

Mike is in bed watching TV late at night, just about to fall asleep, when his Sister Katie comes home from a Nightclub.....completely Relaxed. She goes into Mike's bedroom to ask him if there is any beer in the house. Mike tells her that all the beer is gone. Katie is so tipsy that she starts to flirt with Mike, and looks under the covers to look at his penis. Next thing you know.....Relaxed Katie is Sucking Her Brother's cock!! Katie rips off her clothes, and asks Mike to Fuck her. Mike ends up Fucking his Sister Really, Really hard. He Pounds her!! Mike ends up completely soaking his Sister in his cum....covering her whole upper body. The next day Katie wakes up and calls the girlfriend she was with the night before...."Cindy, how much did I have to drink last night? I either had a very strange dream.....OR I FUCKED MY BROTHER!!!".


December 21, 2023