Milk me first, then I will milk you

⁣Oh hi! I hope I don't make you uncomfortable my trying to extract my breast milk in your bedroom. I wanted to get away from all the family downstairs and thought this was a quiet place to use my breast pump. I have a problem though, as you can see the pump is not working properly. I am so engorged with milk that my breasts are beginning to ache terribly. Would it be weird if I asked for your assistance in milking my full breasts? You are just my step dad so its not like you knew me my whole life and saw me develop these breasts. There is no personal attachment to them and you would be helping me so much if you just used your strong hands to milk them. I'll even sit in this chair so its kind of technical and you can stand behind me for a good grip. I hope I don't get turned on while your hands are on my breasts. I guess I should have forewarned you that sometimes when I am using the breast pump I get turned on and have to masturbate. I wouldn't blame you if you got turned on while milking my soft full breasts. Why don't you milk me first and then I will milk you and then we can both go separately back down stairs and rejoin the family party.

October 16, 2023