Misbehaving Brat Gets Spanking

Naughty daughter is a mischievous little brat. She loves to act out, throwing around commands and demands. She misbehaves because she craves to be punished. She wants her dad to take control, to teach her the errors of her ways. Will you do that Sir? So Sir, you think you are in control? Don't fool yourself, you know I have all the power. You know I excite you with the way I dress and the way I play with my hair. My exposed pussy and boobs drive you wild. You are putty in my hands. Listen to the sound my pussy makes as I rub it. It is so wet and so delicious, I bet you wish you could have a taste. But you cannot. I am in control today. What is that Sir? You think you are going to teach me a lesson? You think you are going to make me obey? Do not make me laugh. Oh Sir! The sound of that paddle striking your hand is scary. What is this? You have quite a collection of paddles, floggers, crops, and toys. Oh dear. I have seen that look in your eye before Sir. I know it means I am in trouble. Sir, I am sorry. I did not mean to make you mad. please Sir, go easy on me. Okay Sir, I will get on my hands and knees and present myself for you. Sir, will you strike me with all of your implements? My ass cheeks shine bright pink so quickly. Please remember that I bruise easily Sir. Sir, the wooden paddles are so heavy and so big, they make my ass cheeks ripple and wobble each time you hit me. Sir, the leather paddle thumps and stings. It makes me quiver and shudder with delightful anticipation. Sir, you know how wet I get from being spanked. Oh my Sir, pushing the Doxy magic wand up against my clit will make me cum so quickly. Thank you Sir, thank you for rewarding me. Sir! No! Why? Why would you deny me an orgasm? Sir, have I not been good for you? Do I not deserve to cum? Sir, edging me is such a cruel game to play. Ouch! Taking away the pleasure of the Doxy and striking me with the paddle, that is just mean Sir! Okay, I am sorry, I will not complain. Sir, I am yours. Do to me what you must. Thank you Sir for teaching me how to obey you. Thank you for spanking me.


October 23, 2023