Mom And Son And Lil Sis

*Viewer Discretion* ...You and your Mom have a very casual sexual relationship and you don't care who knows it... or who sees it. Your sister is sitting on the sofa as you approach your Mom for sex. You are worried she'll turn you away because your little sister is there but she doesn't... in fact, it just takes things to a whole new level. At first, Mom is snappy with your little sister, telling her to leave the room if she doesn't like it, but after a few minutes, Mom encourages your little sister to join in on the fun, even if she doesn't like it... CONTAINS MOM/SON VIRTUAL SEX, MOM ENCOURAGING LITTLE SISTER TO TOUCH YOUR COCK WHILST YOU ARE FUCKING MOM, MOM ENCOURAGING LITTLE SISTER TO GET INVOLVED AND PLEASURE MOMMY AT THE SAME TIME.


December 21, 2023