Mom asking help from her girlfriend to fuck her son

⁣Barely awake, the Step-Mother steps into the kitchen to get some morning coffee. In her drowsy state, she hardly had herself covered up with her black silk robe, her nipples, hard from the cool morning air, keep trying to inappropriately poke themselves out of their silk confines. She finds her Step-son Levi still home eating cereal and knows he should have already left for college. "You’re going to be late again" Step-Mother says, trying to build some urgency in him. As she gets the cream for her coffee, Levi gathers his things and brushes past her at the refrigerator door. But this time they passed, it was not like the countless times before. This time they brushed very closely and, just for a second, Levi's hand touched Mother very personally! His strong arms rubbed against her back, and Mother felt some VERY INAPPROPRIATE FEELINGS go on inside her! "Levi" she exclaimed, not exactly sure how she felt about this. The young man, full of testosterone, thought nothing of the inappropriate encounter, and rushed off. But Mother's thoughts lingered. She was not sure why he had excited her this way, but her urges were almost too much. When she was sure her was gone, she left the kitchen for the retreat of her bedroom. She lowered herself onto the bed, opened her robe, pulled down her black silk panties to her knees and started to touch herself. She knew it was very wrong, but her mind dreamed of what it would be like to be with Levi. As she closed her eyes, her fingers worked feverishly on her hardening clit. She did not know why he had turned her on so much this morning. She was sure it was just an innocent brush by, but she found herself so inexplicably turned on, she needed release! What She did not realize as she was caught up with herself love, is that Levi was feeling very guilty about the encounter. Even he knew it had been inappropriate, so he wanted to take a moment to apologize to his Step-Mother. He had turned around from his trip to class, and ran home for a quick apology. But when he let himself into his Step-Mother's room for penance, there she was. Her eyes closed, lying on the bed, with her fingers dancing over her pussy lips. Levi was shocked. Could the split-second encounter have had that much effect on her? Levi felt his pants, and seeing his Step-Mother on the bed like that had given him a massive erection. He decided she might appreciate something else besides the apology her was planning. Levi decided to make a bold move, and as she was getting to her pinnacle point, her slipped in behind her and caressed her hair. He then moved his hands to her heaving breasts and nipples. She did not know where her imagination ended, and these new sensations started, but lost in her lust, she kept pushing her sexuality to orgasm. Just as She came, she realized what was going on. "Levi" she exclaimed, and tried to cover up her vulnerable nakedness. My god, she thought, how long had he been there?! Had he realized she was dreaming of him during her masturbation?! "I came back to apologize" Levi said, as he moved around her still quivering body. "But I don't thing I am going to now" Levi has now work his way between her legs, and was pulling her panties completely off. "Levi! No!" She helplessly exclaimed, but it was too late, her soaking loins were doing the thinking for her, and as her touched her womanhood, Levi knew this was what she needed! With his mouth, he drove her to the point she would do anything to feel him inside her. No matter how wrong it was! He stood and dropped his pants, revealing his hardness. Seeing his erection, she helplessly knew she needed him inside her to fulfill her fantasy. Levi was all too happy to fulfill her needs. He drove himself deep into her and they proceeded with this forbidden tryst with reckless abandon. As they sweated and pumped, there sexual organs keep feeding their minds with the pleasure they were seeking, until she knew Levi was close to the brink. She urged the young man to cum on her, and as he withdrew his engorged member, white, creamy release sprayed onto her breasts and stomach. Both of them knew this was wrong, and She wisped she should have never lets this happen. Levi slipped away, still hoping to make it to class by at least his second class. She’s is left with a satisfaction she had dreamed of, but the heavy cost of guilt lingering in her mind. It’s just two girlfriends having a drink in a hotel cafe, right? Not quite. Seems Jodi has set up a tryst with her friend Tara to meet a man half their age for an anonymous three way encounter. He replied that he was young, in shape, handsome and well endowed. What possibly could go wrong? When the young man shows up, Tara is very excited because he is extremely good looking. Jodi is mortified because it is her own Step-Son! To avoid making a scene in the hotel lobby, Jodi ushers everyone up to her room. When she tries to explain what she was doing there, her step-son knows that she's lying, but he wants what he came for. He wants a casual three way, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. He is willing to blackmail his own Step-Mom into satisfying his carnal needs!

October 16, 2023