Mom is giving son his daily ejaculation

⁣Topless in the bathroom Alli gets a phone call from her son's nurse. Her son is on medication for his hands leaving him useless around the house. The doctor wants to make sure he has the ability to release his fluids to prevent the buildup of medication in his system. "You may have to take matters into your own hands" The doctor tells her. "You mean I have to do it!" Alli yells. With laundry basket in hand Alli gets ready to do a load. Taking off her shirt she throws it in the basket. Her son, who should be in bed resting, walks in to see her topless. Awkwardly she explains the situation to her son about releasing his fluids, and how she will have to do it. "It's fine, I'm going to help you, it's not a big deal" she says trying to downplay what's happening. She leaves to finish the laundry. "I think I'll put a shirt back on" Pulling down her son's pants Alli rubs his penis "It's ok, this is just for medical reasons" she tells him. With paper towel in hand she jerks him faster, trying to look away from his hardening penis. She jerks him into the paper towel wiping up all his cum. "No big deal" she says in an unsure voice. "Are you ready for your daily ejaculation" Alli says to her son. Getting to her knees she hesitantly rubs his penis back and forth. With two hands around him she looks away as he gets hard from her movements. Without warning he yells "I'm going to cum mom" Alli looks around. Damn it, she forgot the paper towel. He shoots his cum all over her chest soaking her clothes. "It's ok, I'll take care of it" she says leaving for the bathroom. Looking in the mirror she takes off her soiled shirt and makes sure none of the sticky cum got on her. Alli's son has come back from the pool complaining about how much his hands hurt from trying to swim. She tells her son it's time for him to be released and takes off her shirt. She doesn't want to get it dirty like last time. She jerks him, asking sweetly how he likes it "We will learn this together" she tells him. Soon his body stiffens and he cums all over his moms chest and hands. "I'm glad I took my shirt off, I look like a Jackson Pollock painting" she laughs, leaving to go clean herself up. Alli catches her son looking at porn on the computer. "That's fine, that's just what we will do. What ever you need" she tells him. Taking off her shirt and getting to her knees she jerks her son as he watches porn. She looks away feeling very uncomfortable with this as her son gets closer to cumming. He imagines himself in the porn video and cums all over his mom's chest. "I'm going to go get cleaned up" she says running out of the room once her chore is over. The next day and her son needs another treatment. He opens the porn on his computer and lets his mom start to jerk him. "My hands cramping up" Alli tells him. She asks if it's ok to use her mouth like on the computer. She doesn't like doing it, but she wraps her mouth around her son's penis because she has too. "It's fine, this will be our secret" she tells him sucking his cock. He can't take it anymore and cums in his mom's mouth. Alli has no chance to get away and quickly spits her son's cum out. "I guess we will have to work on that" She yells angrily. Alli's son is having a bad day. In pain he lays on the bed. Asking if he needs another treatment she gets on the bed with him. It's only then she notices she's not wearing a bra. "Let me just go finish the laundry" she says trying to leave. He tells her it's ok and she reluctantly strips off her shirt. "Keep your eyes covered" she yells at her son as she jerks and sucks his cock. She is so embarrassed and upset that she has to do this but for the good of her son she sucks him until he cums in her mouth. She spits out his cum. "I'm getting used to this, let me go clean up" she tells him. Dressed only in swim bottoms, Alli walks in from sunbathing to get a drink when her son walks in. She covers herself up as her son tells her to put a shirt on. "What's the big deal you saw this yesterday" She tells him. He asks her if she will do his treatment now. Getting to her knees Alli complies with her son's request putting his cock in her mouth. She sucks him like a good mother until he fills her mouth up with his cum. Spitting him into the sink she says "We really need to work on that" Making her son cum every day has turned from a disgusting chore to a normal and even enjoyable thing for Alli. In the bathroom dressed only in lacy panties she sucks her son as he looks at her big breasts. He asks if this time he can cum on her face. "If it helps you we will do it, but don't get any in my hair" she tells him. "I never thought two weeks ago I would be topless helping my son with something like this" She mentions to him as he cums all over her face. She is on the edge of knowing this is wrong but feeling so happy as the cum drips off her. Their daily ritual is seen one last time as he quickly dumps his load over his mom's face and tits. They now have the perfect system for daily release.

October 16, 2023