Mom Keeps Getting Stuck

My mom, Nikki, accidentally lost her wedding ring and she has no clue where she lost it! She bends down on the floor and she starts to search underneath her bed for the ring. She ends up getting stuck under the bed and she calls out for help. Since my dad isn't home, I walk in to her bedroom to come help her! "Can you come help mommy?! Come pull me out!" she tells me. I grab on to her thong and I accidentally pull her thong off, but she is still stuck under the bed! I can feel my cock getting hard so I pull my cock out and I shove it inside of her pussy while her ass is in the air. "Sweetie, that's not going to help mommy get out of this situation! I needed you to pull me out, not me push in!" she exclaims. I start fucking her pussy harder, and she keeps telling me that I'm not helping her... but I think that I am! I keep fucking her and she tells me that she thinks her right shoulder might be coming out now! So maybe me fucking her is starting to really help her get unstuck! I fuck her for another minute until she is finally able to pull herself out! "I appreciate your hard work and you got me out! Let's not tell daddy about this though..." she tells me. My mom is searching for something behind the couch and she happens to get stuck for a third time! I am not sure what is wrong with this woman or why she seems to get stuck inside of every piece of furniture that we own, but I am enjoying taking advantage of the situation! I walk over to help her, and I pull her shorts off first. I take my cock out again and I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy, since that seemed to help her the other two times! I keep fucking her pussy while I try to pull her arm out at the same time, and I end up pulling her out completely! My mom still seems horny though, so she sits down on the couch and she spreads her legs for me. She tells me that she will help me finish! I fuck her pussy in the doggy style position next and then she sucks my cock for a minute. I jerk my cock off all over her face and in her mouth! "Thank you for saving me again today!" she exclaims.


November 9, 2023