Mom takes advantage of son sleeping

⁣Alexis comes into her son's room to wake him up, but he is sleeping soundly. He starts to talk in his sleep. Apparently, he is dreaming about being in a strip club and the stripper wants to give him a private dance. Mom hears this and listens intently. Her son now talks in his sleep about the girl asking for more money and she will blow him. He says that he has his Mom's credit card and can pay. Mom sees her son is getting excited and starts to suck his cock as he is dreaming. He is loving it, still talking to the stripper in his dream having no idea his Mom is sucking him off. Now he asks the stripper if she will fuck him, so Mom takes off her bottoms and mounts her son. She rides him while he dreams of fucking the stripper. She whispers to him but he thinks it is the stripper talking in his dream. Finally he blows his load. Mom stays mounted on her son and takes it all inside of her. When she gets off of him, she notices a little more cum still dripping from his cock and sucks it up! She covers him back up and leaves the room. He will wake up thinking he just had a wet dream!

October 16, 2023