Mom the nurse giving tips to son

⁣I love my Mom so much, but I hardly ever see her anymore. Since she started working at the hospital she's hardly ever home. When she got back from work the other day I decided to have a talk with her. I told my Mom I wanted to be a doctor just like her, so we could spend more time together. Mom said I could do that, but I have to go to school for a really long time. And Mom told me she's a nurse, not a doctor. I told my Mom I wanted to be a Doctor now, so we could be together. Mom said its going to take awhile before I'm a real doctor, but she could start teaching me some things now -- as long as we kept it a secret. My Mom said we would start with anatomy. She explained what her breasts are, the parts of her vagina, and even how my penis works! I guess my Mom could tell that Dad didn't really explain sex very well to me, so she said I needed to learn about that too. Sex felt kinda strange at first, then it felt really good. Before I knew it, I shot all this white gooy stuff inside my Mom's vagina. Mom said that it was normal, its how girls get pregnant. Mom said I learned a lot for my first lesson, but that there's plenty more she has to teach me. My Mom is so awesome, I can't wait to be a real Doctor!!!

October 16, 2023