Mom want to feel son's sperm

⁣So baby, did you pack everything? What is this long face you having there?! Come on, he is your father and if he wants to take you to holiday, I can't say no to him! Come know very well how much I love you!!! And of course I will miss you so much! But if we would like to keep our special relation ship in secret, well...we can't do nothing to suspicious. So now my baby hear! Your father is here and pushing the better if you go now. What are you saying?!!! You want to fight before you leave? How you even think, that you mommy is happy to get rid of you!!! You think I have some other man...lover to fuck me...and now when I'm alone...he will come and fuck me every day since you don't come back?!!! That's not fair from you son!!! You know my feelings for know how much I love you!!! You think this is easy for me, to stay alone here...without you...without my baby! You'll not hold me in the kissing me...and...for 2 weeks I'll not feel you, my baby inside me!!! So please don't make it harder. You have to go...again your father pushing the horn...he was never passionate!!! What??? How should I prove it to you?!!! What does it mean??? ,, QUICKY ,,? Oh my gosh...what should I say my baby...of course!!! But it really has to be just quick one!!! Right here...standing...just take you mommy from behind! To suck you a bit...but relay need to go. All right...I should say this make me horny and juicy! baby boy...take mommy in doggy! Feel my juicy pussy all over your cock! And cum...cum inside me...I want to feel my son's sperm...for whole day...even after when you leave! That's my good boy!!! You got mommy pussy like a good bye....and I can't wait when you come back. I'll make nice surprise for you my son!!! Mommy love you so much!!!

October 16, 2023