Mommies boobs keep popping out while making breakfast

⁣Jimmy's father is cancelling yet again another planned outing with his son Jimmy. Stepmother listens on. She feels sorry for the young man, but there is not much she can do. Stepmother is all to familiar with how selfishly Jimmy's father can act. "Is he cancelling on you so he can be with his slut new wife Bibette?" Stepmother asks and takes a deep drink of wine from the glass. "No, he says he has to work late and have dinner with clients" Jimmy returns. Stepmother knows this is a bullshit excuse, but decides to use this to her favor. What if she could talk her stepson into sleeping with her ex-husbands new wife? Later when Jimmy goes to see Bibette she is also frustrated. "Your Father canceled on you? He cancelled on me also" Bibette exclaims. Frustrated, they both sit on the bed. "Well I guess we can just spend the time together." Jimmy say, moving slightly closer to Bibette. His Mothers words of manipulation come flowing from his mouth, and they work on Bibette. Soon she was agreeing that it would be best to teach his Father a lesson! Their mouths find each others, and starts what turns into a burning, passionate lovemaking session. Maybe they should teach him lessons more often! It's breakfast time and Peter can not seem to wake up. Stepmom Jodi makes him his breakfast in her small, black silk robe. No matter how she tries, it keeps falling open and exposing her naked breast to her son. He gets so excited at this, he can't even finish his cereal. Once he is done, he follows her to the sink and starts rubbing and fondling Jodi. She pushes him away knowing her forbidden desires are not health, but finally gives in and allows Peter to relive himself on her body. She quickly cleans him up and rushes him out.

October 16, 2023