Mommy And Son - The Movie

This is my most ambitious project yet. I knew I wanted to create something immersive and real. I thought about it for a while, wondering what scenario would perfectly fit the story I wanted to create between a Mom and her Son. I decided on a situation where Mommy looks at your laptop whilst you are out one night and stumbles across your huge mom/son porn folder. She confronts you about it at the kitchen table and reads out just some of the many titles in a bid to embarrass you, but only ends up embarrassing herself in the process. What follows are scenes in which you and your Mom awkwardly encounter each other around the house over the course of the next week or so... Your Mommy doesn't want to commit the worst taboo with you, but will she be able to help herself when faced with no other choice for the love of her son? CONTAINS 7 SCENES, 3 SEPARATE SEX SCENES AND 1 HAND JOB SCENE. If you like immersive and detailed storylines or you loved my bestselling video "Five Days With Mommy", then this brand new 'movie' is the one for you.


January 4, 2024