Mommy In The Morning

You leave your bedroom door wide open and I walk right by it and notice you are masturbating on your bed. I step partly into your room and get a tingle down my arms when I see how hard you are. I am dressed in my robe and you always love seeing me in that every morning. You ask me to step in and close the door behind me. Step-Daddy is gone already. We are alone. I am hesitant but the tingling won't stop. I am so attracted you your hard cock and I know it is wrong, but I come in anyway. I figure what is the harm showing my hard body to you since you have seen me naked in the pool and shower. You begin stroking harder and faster and ask me to get on the bed with you. You really want step-mommy's touch this morning. You ask me to place my hand on your cock and begin stroking it. You love your step-mommy's touch. I get so into the whole erotic moment with you that we take it to the max. Step-Mommy rides you! ENJOY!


November 3, 2023