Mommy need to be satisfied

4 months ago

⁣Mom is sitting on the foot of the bed. You are about five feet away. She is wearing a bathrobe with nothing underneath. She starts talking, "Hey baby, how was school today? Good, I'm so proud of you. Would you like to have some fun today? Good, take out your dick for Mommy. No, don't pull your pants down. Just unzip them and show Mommy your little dick. That's it, ooh it's already hard! You must want to have some fun with Mommy today. Now I want you to start playing with it like Mommy does. That's it, just like that. Oh, you're so hard! Mommy likes it when your little dick gets so big and hard." She gets a glazed look on her face and starts breathing heavily while continuing to play with herself. She continues to whisper stuff like, "Yes, yes. Oh that's it. Oh yes." While masturbating. She lets out a cry and falls back on the bed. The camera moves forwards and she looks directly into the camera and says, "Do it, fuck Mommy now! Fuck Mommy with your hard