Mommy tries to come up with a bigger and better punishment for her son

⁣Mommy is timid and shy as she approaches to ask where her son is getting ready to go. He is always taking advantage of her kindness, and when she asks him to clean his room before he goes, he tells her that he will do it later. She insists that he does it before he goes out, but he refuses to do it until later even though she's been asking him for a week. After countless times of asking him to clean it, she finally grounds him. "Okay, I didn't want to have to do this, but you're grounded." Her son doesn't it take seriously, and continues to try and leave, but his mom pushes him back. This time she is furious, and she becomes more dominant in her tone. She raises her voice, and demands him to turn around, so that he can be spanked. "I said you're grounded! Pull down your pants right now. I'm not dealing with this!" As he stands in disbelief, his mom pulls down his pants and boxers, and makes him bend over the bed, as she spanks his butt. "Okay, over my knee right now! Now. Do it." He gets over her knees, and she continues to smack his butt until it is red and stinging. "You're going to start listening to your mom." He apologizes and asks if he can leave now, but she doesn't allow it, and instead tries to come up with a bigger and better punishment. "I don't think that you learned anything from that. In fact, we're going to try something a little bit different this time. You're going to jerk off in front of me until your cock is hard. Now." He tries to pull up his pants, but his mom keeps pushing them back down, demanding that he do what she says. "Jerk off until you're hard! Right in front of me. And I'm going to watch EVERY stroke. You want to go out, don't you?" Her son strokes his cock, and she finds herself becoming more than interested as she watches. "Have... Have you always been that big?" She fans herself off, and admires his cock, becoming more flustered by the moment. "Yeah, let Mommy get a closer look... to make sure you're doing it." She gets on her knees, admiring his cock, and telling him to take off his jacket since he's going to be there for a while. "God, is it hot in here, or something? Yeah, you're... you're doing a good job, honey." She takes her shirt and bra off from how hot her son is making her. "So, you're hard, um, you're going to start listening to Mom. You're going to put your cock inside of Mom's mouth." He questions if this is his punishment, and she demands that he do it without talking back. Now that Mommy is hot and horny from watching her son stroke his cock, she decides to take advantage of his punishment by fulfilling her own sexual needs. She manipulates the situation, continuing to make it look like this is a lesson in which her son will learn to obey her. He mentions that she looks flustered, and she demands he does what she tells him. Mommy puts his cock into her mouth, and begins to go up and down the shaft sensually. She deep-throats his cock, and sucks and runs her tongue on the head. Drool gets all over his cock, runs down her chin, and falls onto the ground. "Now be a good boy, and throat-fuck Mommy. Remember, you're going to start listening to Mommy. Don't talk back to me anymore, and do what I say." He holds her head, and makes her choke and gag on his cock. She pants, and her son pushes her back on his cock, making her drool everywhere. "Okay, that's enough. Now you're going, uh, you're going to get behind Mommy, and you're going to fuck her. You're going to fuck Mommy, and don't you say a damn word. This is the only way you're going out tonight. You're going to start listening to Mommy--everything she tells you." She takes off her jeans, panties, and once again becomes flustered by her son's cock. She gets on top of his bed, doggystyle, and moans as her son's cock goes inside of her. "That's a good boy. Fuck your Mommy!... My son has such a huge cock." She continues to moan from pleasure, and tries to correct herself. "You're being such a good boy making your Mommy feel good. I mean, listening to your Mommy." She puts her head further down on the bed, as he continues to fuck her pussy from behind. "Fuck Mommy hard and fast. You... you do want to go out, don't you? Show Mommy!" She demands that he pulls her hair, and smack her ass, as he fucks her. "Time to get on top of Mommy. Mommy needs you inside of her right now!" She lays back on the bed, as she demands that he listens to her. He puts his cock inside of her, and she moans from pleasure. "What a good boy. Your cock feels so good inside of me. I mean, you're such a good boy for listening to Mommy. You're going to start listening to your Mommy." Mommy's eyes roll back, and her son fucks her hard and fast, as she pants and moans from pleasure. "Now you need to jerk off inside of Mommy's mouth. Gotta do what I say if you wanna be ungrounded. Let Mommy taste your cum right in her mouth. Jerk off until you cum inside of my mouth." She opens her mouth and her son cums into it. She lets it run down the side of her face, and then swallows the rest. "That's a good boy. That's exactly how you listen to your Mommy. Now, I'm sure your friend is waiting for you outside, so go ahead and clean up this mess."

October 16, 2023