Mommy's Bedtime Story

⁣MOM'S SEXY BEDTIME STORY LEADS TO A BONER! WHICH LEADS TO.... A BEDTIME BLOWJOB...AND A BEDTIME FUCK!!! MOM ENDS UP BEING USED AS A CUM DUMPSTER!!! It's Peter's Bedtime....and, as always....Mom comes into his room to read him his Bedtime Story. In recent years....his choice of Stories has changed, however. Instead of the Muppets....Peter likes his Mom to read Stories from the Penthouse Forum!! Mom reads a particularly "descriptive" Story tonight...and notices that Peter's cock is throbbing inside his pants!! Mom complains that this "always" seems to happen when she reads sexy stories at Bedtime. Peter asks if he can please have a Bedtime Blowjob...and a Bedtime Fuck!! Bianca is a very caring and loving she agrees to give the Bedtime Blowjob...AND the Bedtime Fuck to her blossoming young Son. Mom ends up being used as a cum dumpster....before saying goodnight.

October 16, 2023