Mom's Forbidden Massage

WHEN MOTHER IS LEFT ALONE BY A HUSBAND THAT NEGLECTS HER, SHE MUST TURN TO THE NEXT CLOSEST MAN IN HER LIFE FOR COMFORT, HER SON! WHEN THE YOUNG MAN TRIES TO COMFORT HER, THEIR INNOCENT ACTIONS BECOME OVERWHELMING DESIRES!! The light next to the chase lounge casts a shadow down from Mother’s hands as she looks at the wedding ring on her left hand. There have been too many times she has been left alone after planning a nice night with her husband. And this, their anniversary night. He should have remembered! She went to the effort of cooking a beautiful dinner, and had a nice night after planned for her husband, but work got in the way again. He has been such a great provider for his son and her, she almost feels guilty being so upset at her husband. She has enjoyed all the nice things that his hard work has provided, but there must be some balancing point, where time at work, and time with her can co-exist. Levi walks in to find his mother alone. It seams that he has had a great night with his friends at least. As he tells her of his fun, he realizes she is very upset. He find out that Mother had planned not only a great dinner, but to reward her husbands diligent work, she was going to give him a relaxing massage after. “It looks like you are the one in need of a massage” the young man tells Mother. his care and concern convince her that she should take him up on it. “Meet me in the bedroom, and after we can enjoy the dinner before it is ruined” Mother says, as the young young man leaves to check out the feast that awaits for him after. Mother lays on the bed as her son works out the kinks in her back. She has been so tense, and this is really going to help. As he innocently works out the knots, he asks if she would like her feet rubbed. After all, what son hasn’t rubbed his mother’s feet after a long day? As he works in the lotion, he moves up his mother’s legs. She is almost in a trance as he moves further and further. Soon he is at his mother’s thighs… and a strange thing begins to happen. His Mother’s his start to gyrate and grind. Could this touch be exciting his mother in a most improper way? Mother is lost in the relaxation, and doesn’t even realize the involuntary movement of her hips. She just relaxes and enjoys as the heat builds in her neither regine.. Her dress slowly rides up over her buttocks as her son continues to massage. he is starring at his mother’s bottom, as it mesmerizes him. Involuntarily, he slides his hand towards he soaking crotch. Mother, moans quietly, before reality hits her and she starts to object! But the massive erection straining against her sons pants tell him this is right. He sooths his mother’s apprehensions and continues the massage, this time with his fingers and mouth. Once mother’s guard is completely down, he lowers his shorts, and takes his screaming hard member out. The young man is sure that once his mother feels his hardness inside her, she will succumb to his advances!! WHAT COMES NEXT IS ONE OF THE MOST SEDUCTIVE, TABOO FAMILY FANTASIES REPLAYED. THIS SLOW SEDUCTION IS PLAYED OUT PAINFULLY WELL, UNTIL THE POINT YOU AR SCREAMING FOR THE RELIEF OF THE MOTHER-SON SEXUAL ENCOUNTER!!!


November 10, 2023