Mom's Seamless Pleasure

At the end of the last video you got up and told you date you were ready to go, but after seeing how aroused you were he couldn't let this opportunity pass. So instead of heading out to the party he takes you by the hand and sits you down again in the couch and starts kissing you gently. Sure, you are feeling quite aroused for having been caught masturbating but at the same time you feel ashamed and you don't know what he thinks of you... so when he puts his hand on your thigh and tries to open you legs to reach your dripping pussy, you tense your muscles a bit and offer a bit of resistance. You want him, you really do, but you also want to make him work for it... so, after kissing for a while you let him caress the inside of your thighs but not your pussy, that way you can rest for a bit before cumming again with him inside you. Slowly you start to give in and you open your legs more and more while he gropes your tits and waist until finally you let him get to your pussy. He starts massaging it very gently opening the labia through the pantyhose and getting it good and wet again, but then he tries to put a finger through the pantyhose and tear it open. But you don't let him. You take his hand and whisper in his ear: "No, I want you inside me. But I want you to feel your nice thick cock with my pantyhose in my pussy." By then you notice you are not telling you are giving him an order. And you like the feeling of it! Then you say: "I want you to stretch these pantyhose with your cock until they rip open inside me, like my hymen when I was a virgin." You can tell how aroused he got by those words, the mere mention of virginity relly got him going... and by then you know you have turned the situation around, you own him and not the other way around! His dick is rock hard and bulging through his pants so you smile mischievosuly and reach down and undo his zipper, you kneel down on the floor with your ass facing the camera and start sucking his cock while you caress you clitoris through the pantyhose for us to see. By then you want to be penetrated and he notices it so he picks you up and kneels you down on the couch so he can take you from behind. You get the lubricant from behind the cushion and rub some on and then he puts his dick at the entrance of your pantyhosed pussy and start to go inside very slowly, savouring the moment. And as much as you want him inside you you know that them moment he rips the pantyhose with his cock you will have lost control. So you let him inside a little bit, enough for him and you to be pleasurable but then you move forward so as to not let him pierce the film of nylon that separates you. You change positions and now you lie on your back with your legs spread out while he tries to tear a whole in your pantyhose with his dick, while you push him out little by little not letting him in all the way. However, he's getting more and more aroused and you can tell that he wont be able to hold off for much longer, he really wants to be inside you all the way... to feel the pantyhose rip inside your pussy like a hymen. So you sit him down on the couch while you get on top of him, letting gravity do its thing. Your pussy is so slippery by now that it only takes a couple of tries until the tip of his cock finally tears a hole in the pantyhose and you can finally feel him all the way inside you. You ride him like crazy, rocking your hips back and forth kissing him while he grabs you waist and ass firmly and sucks your tits though the dress... Your are both moaning incontrollably by now and you know he won't be able to hold off for much longer. Suddenly, he starts cumming in your pussy, you feel a gush of warmness inside you and realize that he wasn't wearing a condom. All that semen inside your vagina feels so good that you also start cumming. You are hazed out and can't remember if you took your pill this moring, but what the hell, your don't care anymore. When you finish you get up a bit and to let his dick out of your pussy and you moan while his cum trickles down on his balls. You then get up, straighten up your dress and tell him: "Now I'm ready to go to that party!"


November 27, 2023