Mother and son vacation to remember

2 months ago

⁣Vanessa has planed a vacation for her and her son. The son thinks it's a free trip but Vanessa has bigger plans. In the hotel room she has a heart to heart with her son. She found videos on his computer about sons having sex with their moms. It's ok she understands men have fantasies and that her boy is growing up. That's why she planed this little trip so he could get it out of his system and stop being awkward around her. She pulls off her top playing with her tits playfully rubbing his shorts. Don't worry, mommy knows just what to do. She pulls off his shorts and jerks his cock in her hands. Vanessa rubs his dick against her breasts tenderly caressing it. He is about ready to explode and she quickly sucks his cock into her mouth, swallowing his cum. This is going to be a good vacation. Bags are packed and Vanessa is sleeping and about to wake up. This vacation will be one she always remembers but now that this taboo fantasy is out of his system they can go back to normal. Before they leave the son has something on his cell phone he wants to show her. It's a picture of her with his cock in her mouth. She screams at him to delete that, that no one can know about what happened here. But the son blackmails her, he wants her to suck him off every day or he will tell everyone. Vanessa reluctantly gets to her knees and sucks her son's cock. He grabs her head and face fucks her showing her who is in charge from now on. He cums on her face as she realizes that she created a monster. She attempts to wipe it off but he makes her leave it as they walk out into the hall. For the son this vacation will never end.