Mother being the neighborhood snob

2 months ago

⁣Back story: Cory Chase is the Neighborhood Snob. Her Husband is a highly paid Business Man who always takes long expensive vacations with his family. Cory's Son is the neighborhood bully and football star. All the girls love him and the nerds fear him. Her daughter is the Hottest girl in school. She developed very early and all the men in the Neighborhood lust after her...Cory is the worst, however. She is rude to everyone and could careless about anyone else... The Incident: One day on her way to Shop at the Designer Fashion Mall, Cory backed over something...She could not believe something would be placed behind her rental vehicle...Cory stepped out to find a smashed bike and an upset father...Before he could say a word, Cory began to yell at him...The man said he was sorry for the bike but Cory would still have to pay for the damages...The Man turned around to look at the bike but Cory did not have time for this...She jumped into her truck and ran over the remaining bike pieces that lay on the ground... Later the Day, Cory returned with two arms full of designer clothes and shoes...Several minutes later, the Father returned demanding Cory pay for the bike Damages...Cory did not want to hear about this and attempted to close the door...The Father rushed in with the intent to teach Cory a lesson...He cuffed her and dropped Cory to her knees...He pinched her nose and forced his cock inside her mouth...He plans to teach Cory some humility and will fuck her till she loves it... Cory has not had a taste of Cock since her husband began to take long "Business Trips"...Cory may or may not learn her lesson but the Father has all intentions to teach her a lesson in Humility... The Conversion: Not having her pussy filled for many years, Cory began to love what the neighbor was doing...Maybe it was ready all those filthy romance novels by the pool or forced nature of the incident...He experiences every hole of Cory including her tight butt hole... When he realizes Cory has begun to enjoy the experience, he wraps up the session...He pulls his cock out of her tight twat and creams her face...There was a little shot in her mouth and Cory tasted his sweet seed...He left Cory to think about what she has done and forgave her for crushing the bike... Cory cleaned her mouth of his cum and swallowed the excess...She might call him back tomorrow for another round of fun...