Mother Escorts Me

Stacie was desperate for money. One day she saw an ad offering an escort position for an attractive older woman. Although she was somewhat shy by nature, Stacie replied to it and ended up getting an interview with the escort agency's boss, Max. He filled her in on the details of the job - including the fact that she would be matched only with younger men. Her meeting place with them would sometimes be at a corporate apartment belonging to the agency. Technically the young men would be paying Stacie for her company only. However, Stacie herself was free to get intimate with a date if she wished to. The agency considered that her private business. What mattered to them was having a happy customer who would call on their services time and again. Hearing all this, feeling sure she could cope with the job, Stacie presently signed a binding contract that Max had drawn up. One of its most important stipulations was that she could not back-out of any date. She had to give the young male customer the time that he had paid for, and not leave him disappointed with the agency's service. Barely had Stacie returned home from the interview when Max phoned to let her know she had her first client. The rendezvous spot was the corporate apartment, and Stacie's roll for the evening was as expected: to provide sophisticated and mature female company to an inexperienced young man. Stacie had no problem with this and was actually very excited about getting started. However, when she turned up at the corporate apartment, she got the shock of her life. The young man waiting for her was non other than her very own son, Joe! Even as she demanded he tell her what he was doing there, he challenged her with the same question - asking further why she was all dressed up. When the truth sank in, mother and son realized they had a very awkward situation on their hands. Yet Stacie was afraid to back-out of the date and risk losing her new, hard-won job by breaking her contractual obligations. Therefore, she made an incredible proposition to Joe. She said they should go ahead with everything as planned. As an older woman, she would give him the expert lessons in loving that he had so obviously been wishing to receive. This would leave him a satisfied customer and ensure that Stacie had met her escorting requirements. Young and nervous Joe agreed to his mother's plan. The next thing he knew, she had taken off her jacket and placed his hand on the dress-covered swells of her big breasts. After talking him through how to squeeze and enjoy the feel of them, she removed the dress and revealed herself in a white lace basque that showed off her cleavage. Stacie had her own moments of nervousness during the session. She was aware of doing something very taboo with her son. But hesitation was always overcome by the feeling that she had to do her job at all costs. A while later, after Joe had fondled her breasts some more, Stacie got him to pull out his cock. What she saw made her gasp. Aside from being amazed at the very idea that she was staring at her own son's man meat, she was also deeply impressed at how long, thick and hard it was. As a result she became helplessly excited, and very eager to touch it. By now Joe was easy about along with whatever his mother wanted to do. Her sexy older-woman attentions had him well warmed-up. Having thrilled at caressing his mother's naked breasts after she had peeled her basque down to expose them, he now relished feeling her wrap her dainty hand about his cock. While constantly talking him through what she was doing, Stacie stroked him off expertly, invited him to stroke her silk-stockinged legs, and eventually moved on to sucking him off. Joe had never experienced anything so wonderful as his own mother's expert, sensual licking and mouth-fucking of his cock. Stacie enjoyed it just as much. Her son's thick man-meat felt so powerful and virile throbbing between her lips. She also loved to hear his moans reflecting the pleasure she was giving him. Following Stacie's long and intense suck-and-stroke-a-thon, she removed her panties and invited her son to look and play with her naked pussy. She gasped and panted on the bed as, under her guidance, he finger fucked her while she assumed a number of different positions - including missionary and doggy-style. At one point Stacie even took his cock-head and rubbed it against her clit to take her own enjoyment further. For Joe, his mother's lesson in female anatomy and older-woman sexual preferences was invaluable. He learned well, and soon had her pussy sopping wet and herself talking eagerly and dirtily to him her in wild arousal. Hot on the heels of that came the ultimate forbidden mother-son act: full on fucking. Climbing on top of Joe, impaling her pussy on his big cock, Stacie proceeded to bounce herself up and down on it for all she was worth. Her big breasts shook, she panted, and worked up a sweat. All the while she continued talking to Joe in her nurturing, teaching, older-woman way. Further on-top fucking followed with Stacie turned the other way so that her son could watch his cock slide into her, and also enjoy the sight of her butt jiggling as she hard-fucked him. Finally, she gave him one last furious stroking off until he blew his load into her open mouth and over her face. As a result, Stacie's cheeks were well-glazed by her son's juices. Afterwards, neither she or Joe regretted what had happened. In fact, they were glad of it. Stacie had enjoyed a great fuck, done her job, proved herself an excellent sex-teacher, and made a man out of her son - all at the time. Things could not have turned out better. Becoming an escort was the best decision she had ever made.


November 27, 2023