Mother & son have to breed or die

1 month ago

⁣Cory and her son have been by aliens and placed in a habitat to be observed. The aliens wish to study the mating habits of humans and command them to breed. They try to explain that family members don't have sex, but the aliens don't care. "breed or die" they announce. The son tells them to fuck off and gets painfully zapped for his reluctance. Cory wakes up her son and explains to him that they don't have a choice. She takes off his pants and sucks and jerks his cock to get him hard, terrified about what will happen if she doesn't. The aliens watch and take notes while she sucks the large cock. Cory pulls down her top and her son begins to thrust into her open mouth. She pulls off her nightgown and lays on the bench ready for her son to fuck her. Turned on, the son fucks his mom driving his cock hard and deep into her pussy. She is surprised how good he feels inside of her and loses herself to the waves of ecstasy washing over her. Cory's tits bounce up and down getting fucked. No wonder her son has so many girlfriends. Laying her flat on the bench he fucks her from behind. She moans into the bench cushion then getting on top she rides him causing him to go deep into her pussy. He grabs a chair to fuck his mom in and she looks at him with lust in her eyes on the brink of orgasm. He chokes her as his cock goes faster and faster. Just when Cory thinks she can't take anymore she cums with her son inside her. Her pussy tightens around the cock as she cums and she tells him that she wants his cum. He pulls out his cock and jerks his huge load onto his mom's mouth. She swallows it down and tells the aliens "that's how we do it".