My aunt Sonia squirts very hard

⁣I had seen the young guy watching me all morning... His eyes were all over my big 34G tits and I could see his eyes all over my legs as I walked up and down. All of the time he was watching me I was getting wetter and wetter and then as soon as I got home I KNEW that I would have to make myself cum VERY hard as I though about him watching me... Wondering what he would do with me if ever he got the chance... First of all I take off my skirt and my panties and then climb up onto the kitchen worktop and use one of my VERY powerful mains powered wan vibrators on my already throbbing clit! I know that I am going to cum hard but I have no idea just how hard... Thinking about him touching me and then fucking me drives me over the edge and my first orgasm is so massively powerful I squirt VERY hard EVERYWHERE!

October 16, 2023