My Big Booty Step-Mom

Step-Mother is a yoga/wrestler instructor and is laying on the floor in the tv room doing her workout stretches and yoga stances, with just a thong on and bare feet, step-son is peeking at his step-mother, while she is doing her sexy stances (Refer to the pictures for stances), Step-Mom says to her step-son, ''have you cleaned your room step-son''?, while spreading her legs and feet apart, arching her feet/soles. Step-Son says no step-mom I haven't, she says well you better get your ass up and do it now, he says no i will do it later, she says NOO do it now before i beat your ass down, you listen to your step-mother. Step-Son laughs and says i am not 10 years old step-mom, i am older now and there is no way you can still beat me in a fight/wrestling. Step-Mom gets up and puts on her flip flops and says oh really and goes to the wall and stretches more, arching her feet with her flip flips on, sticking her ass out, and says come here and help your step-mom stretch, he comes right behind step-mom on purpose bumps into her ass, step-mom says '' hey watch it, your supposed to hold me while i bend down'' step-son has his crotch firmly into his moms ass, pressing hard against it, holding moms waist while she bends down and up, arching her feet, with flip flips on. step-son says see step-mom i told you im older and stronger now, she says oh really show me, he quickly gets his up from the waist into a submissive move, her legs and feet are around him like a wheel barrow while he holds her up, step-mom leans back onto him and says ''what are you doing step-son'', he says see i i can take you any day, step-mom tries to escape but he holds up her in that position for a min, takes her against the wall, grinds/wrestles her..step-mom then escapes and says i will challenge you to a wrestling match, if i win you clean your room and step-son says okay if i win what do i get? step-mom says well what do you want, step-son secretly wants to cum on his mothers ass, and says wait and see..step-mom goes to cook dinner. Mom and step-son are watching tv and wrestling comes on tv and they both remember the bet they made earlier and start wrestling and things get hot and step-mom then suggest they get naked, but step-son says hey step-mom put on your flip flops she says okay and straight away he takes his step-mom down on the floor and is on top, grinding against her pussy, she locks her feet around him tightly, while pulling his head down, there faces are very close together and step-mom says try to escape step-son, my feet and legs are strong around you, feet must be locked with flips flops on, step-son grinds/wrestles and in the same position picks step-mom up and slams her down on the sofa, but she still has her feet locked, things get rough and hot, step-mom and step-son constantly talking step-mother/step-son dialogs, teasing each other, at one point they lock lips, then step-mom gets on top, then STEP-MOM TAKES OFF HER FLIP FLIPS and they wrestle standing up, but step-son gets behind step-mom and gets her in that submissive move again, like a wheel barrow, he is holding he rup, swinging her around, while her feet are around him, he grinds rough, step-mom says are you trying to stick your cock in my ass, step-son says maybe, then takes step-mom to the ground, wrestling her, pins her down on her stomach, messing up her hair, roughing step-mom up, she's in the doggystyle position and he slams against her hard, step-mom laughs and says this is not wrestling step-son, they both lose balance and step-son falls on moms back, he starts grinding her ass and spreads her legs and feet apart, while step-mom is flat on the floor on her stomach, he grinds/wrestles her rough, step-mom tries to escape but she can't step-son keeps her pinned down and keeps grinding and gets between her legs, grinding her ass, finally he says hey step-mom looks like i win and cums on moms ass (pretending to cum is okay)...step-mom says omg you naughty boy, don't even tell your step-father about this...maybe next time I'll let you cum on my tongue teasing her step-son while walking away in her flip flops.

November 30, 2023