My Mom is beeing slutty

⁣Mom is going out tonight AGAIN dressed like a slut! I'm so sick of it. Her dress is so short, you can see her ass. The top part is see through and you can see her tits! So when she says bye to me, I just say whatever. She comes over and starts talking to me, asking what's wrong. When I tell her the way she dresses makes me uncomfortable, she realizes there's one specific part of me that's is uncomfortable, and she points it out. She starts rubbing my leg, talking to me about urges and points out that I have an erection! The weird part is, she's practically drooling over it when she realizes it's there. Then she says maybe she doesn't need to go out. I guess she found what she needed right here. My Mom is being so loud, I can hear her from the other room moaning and talking to someone, but no one is talking back. When I decide to see what's going on, I realize her door is open a little bit and I see her on her bed... talking to a camera! Taking her clothes off! Touching herself! And the things she's saying, she's talking to the camera as if it's... me. Then she starts shoving this glass dildo in and out of her pussy. I can't even take it anymore, watching her is making me rock hard and I need her again! When I come in, she tells me I'm a bad boy, and she's been watching me watch her for a long time..

October 16, 2023