My Mom The Professional Sex Therapist

Mom in her office, she is a professional sex therapist. Today she wears a white blouse, her nipples are slightly visible through the translucent blouse, she also wears a blue skirt, this one also has translucent material, but she does not wear panties under the skirt. She sits down on a chair, crosses her legs, reads the news of the day, her smooth, shiny legs in high heels are so beautiful. She don't wears stockings or tights. Her heavy makeup makes her pretty face stand out, her red lips are gorgeous. After a while, I as her son arrive as a patient, I enter her office and sit on the sofa, the therapy session begins. Mom walks around the office seductively, and then sits in a chair in front of me. "I already understand what the problem is, and therefore I have personal therapy for you, this will help you gain new strength and a good erection. I promise you will feel better." Mom gets up and lifts her skirt all the way up, then she puts her right foot in heels on the crotch of the patient, she begins to rub the crotch of the patient with her heeled legs.


November 6, 2023