My Son Joins The Service

We stood upon the mountain that over looks our quaint little town. We gazed down in silence and remembered our time spend here. I asked my Son if he was going to miss this place. I had been taking him here since he was old enough to walk. He looked at me and said of course he would. I then asked him if he would miss me. He moved towards me and gave me a hug. I told him that I understood what he had to do and I was very proud of him. He had joined up to serve his country against my better wishes and was shipping out tomorrow. But I know he had to. I told him to be safe and to come back to me. Then I dropped to my knees and took his cock out of his pants. Don't forget about Mommy I told him as I took his beautiful cock in my mouth. When we got home I told him that I was going give him a night to remember. When he was feeling alone out there he could think of this night and smile. I grabbed his cock and started to rub it against my wet throbbing pussy. Alex said he didn't think we should have sex until he came back from overseas. I said that was not going to happen, that I was going to fuck him tonight and that's the end of it. I shoved his cock inside of me and I began to ride him. Then he flipped me over and I begged him to pound Mommy's pussy! I told him I would not fuck anyone while he was gone. That Mommy's pussy was his and his alone. He fucked me like he had never fucked me before. When I could feel he was about to cum I told him to cum inside Mommy's pussy. "Give me a baby in case you never come home. Give me something to remember you, like your !" I said. He cums deep in my pussy and holds me. I love my Son so much and I know he will come back to me.


December 1, 2023