My Step-Daughter Is Sleepwalking

Dear Diary, The past few months at home have been a bit odd. I started sleepwalking alot and sometimes I would start dreaming of my Step-Daddy. My fantasies got increasingly more intense until one night when step-mommie was away. Step-Daddy was watching tv late at night and I pretended to be sleepwalking again. I laid my head on his lap and pretended to rest for a bit then I made my move. Step-Daddy inhaled deeply when I unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. As it got hard in my hand I could hear him wrestling with himself over what to do and finally he couldn't resist. I sucked and stroked his cock then straddled him, impaling myself on his throbbing cock. Through slitted eyelids I watched Daddys face get more and more relaxed as his step-daughter rode his cock. I sleepfucked him for what seemed like hours and tried to keep my orgasms quiet. Apparently I clench quite a bit during orgasm because I made Step-Daddy spurt deep inside me just like I planned. I got off him and left the room still sleepalking so he was none the wiser. Xo Renee


April 26, 2024