My Step-Mom Took My Virginity

YOUNG JOSH LOSES HIS VIRGINITY TO HIS OWN STEP-MOTHER!!!! STEP-MOM IS VERY GENTLE AND LOVING AS SHE TEACHES HER YOUNG STEP-SON HOW TO HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE!! Josh has a dilemma. He has a Date with Jennifer, a girl from his school....and after their Date, they are going back to her house....and her Parents are going to be away for the weekend. Josh is nervous....because he believes that Jennifer is going to want to have sex....and although he wants to....he also knows that Jennifer has done it a few times before...but he is a Virgin. Josh's Step-Mom questions him about why is so nervous....and Josh confides his predicament to his Step-Mom. His Step-Mom is concerned about Josh not knowing what to do with Jennifer.....and not wanting him to look "out of place".....Elaine offers to have sex with teach him how to do it!! Josh asks his Step-Mom if she feels such a thing would be appropriate.....and Josh's Step-Mom tells him that lots of young boys probably learn this's certainly better than learning it "on the street". With his Step-Mom's encouragement....Josh begins to take off his clothes....and Step-Mom gently and lovingly begins to caress Josh's cock. Josh continues to ask his Step-Mom if this behaviour is ok....and Step-Mom assures Josh that all is concentrate, and let his erection grow inside her mouth. When Josh's penis is fully erect....Step-Mom gets a condom, and gives Josh the "safe sex" talk. Step-Mom tells Josh to climb on top of her....and insert his penis into her vagina. Josh is shaking and trembling as he awkwardly tries to put his cock inside his Step-Mother. Step-Mom is very gentle with Josh....and quietly encourages him to Pump her, once he has achieved penetration. Josh begins to hump away at his Step-Mom....."I'm doing it Step-Mom....I'm doing it!!!". Josh's first experience with sexual intercourse doesn't last very long....which his Step-Mom lovingly assures him is normal.....and he ejaculates after a few moments. Josh removes the condom and empties it onto his Step-Mom's stomach. "Not bad honey....not bad at all" Step-Mom says as she admires the large ejaculation. "I'm proud of you Step-Son!!".


December 21, 2023