My Step-Sister Is My Girlfriend - PART 1: "Realizing Our Mutual Fantasy"

Your Step-Sister, Katy Faery, is laying back and relaxing in a warm bubble bath. She starts to rub over her body with her hands, grabbing her tits, “Why am I so horny…and thinking about my Step-Brother?” Katy fantasizes about fucking her step-brother, there is a flash of the both of you fucking. Your Step-Sister rubs her pussy, “I just can’t stop thinking about it, though.” Katy rubs her breasts, and plays with her pussy as she fantasizes about fucking her Step-Brother. Suddenly, you pop your head into the bathroom. Katy doesn’t notice that you are there, and continues to play with herself. You watch in amazement as your step-sister rubs her pussy, while calling out his name. Katy sucks on her finger, while she imagines sucking her step-brother’s cock. “Oh, Step-Brother…I love the way you taste.” Katy rubs herself while she thinks about the two of you getting into a 69 position, orally pleasing each other. She moans louder as she thinks about your cock buried deep inside her pussy, with you on top, kissing her. Katy glances over at the bathroom door, and her Step-Brother quickly closes it, so as not to be seen. You wait until it’s safe, and peek through the crack in the door again. Katy rubs herself, and her Step-Brother pulls out his cock. “Slap my ass, Step-Brother!” Your step-sister thinks about you fucking her from behind, and slapping her ass. Katy rubs her clit until she squirts all in the bathtub. A few minutes later, your step-sister walks into the bedroom to get dressed, and you are laying on the bed stroking your cock. “Is that for me?” Katy admits that she thought someone was looking at her in the bathroom, and she was hoping it was her Step-Brother. “Do you need some help there?” Your step-sister drops her towel, and crawls over to your lap. “I’ve always fantasized about this…That’s what I was thinking about in the bath.” Katy wraps her lips tightly around your cock. She sucks the head of your cock, and buries all of it down her throat. Your step-sister strokes your cock, and sucks.. “I can’t take this anymore, Step-Bro…I need to feel you inside of me.. NOW!” Katy turns around, and jumps on top of you from behind and rides your dick. Her ass bounces up and down on your hard cock. Katy turns around to face you, and continuing to your big cock. She bounces up and down, and then suddenly jumps off. “This is too weird, I can’t do this.” Your step-sister runs out of the room…


April 24, 2024