Nasty habit cured by mother

2 months ago

⁣Vanessa's son never leaves the house...He stays in his room all the time, never hangs out with friends and certainly does not have a girl friend...After some investigating, Vanessa learned her son masturbates several times a day... Vanessa has a healthy relationship with her son, his father passed several years ago and he lacks that father figure...Her son was left to discover sexual urges alone without a male role model...This is a habit Vanessa intends to break... One afternoon, Luke is alone in his room when Mom walks in...He is of course masturbating...Vanessa asks if there is anything she can do to help...To maybe lend a hand or a breast...Luke is not sure what to do...Mom slowly reaches over and begins to play with his cock...No foreplay was required, he is fully erect...Mom offers her breasts and even shows off her tight pussy...Luke is not sure what to do but Mom takes over...She promises to show Luke the benefits of a woman's touch and to break his nasty habit of masturbating... She brings Luke to the point of ecstasy but she does not want to waste his seed...Vanessa wraps her lips around his cock and sucks down every drop...She gives him a kiss good bye and says there will be more if Luke needs anything...Hopefully his nasty habit is broken...Probably not... Several days later, Vanessa is watching TV with her son...The TV is full of pretty bikini babes that appear to excite Vanessa's Son...Luke has the nerve to begin masturbating right behind his Mother's back...Her therapy has not helped, Luke continues to masturbate... It is now time for Vanessa to increase the pressure on Luke to quit masturbating...This time Luke can feel the inside of a woman...He can feel how tight his mother really is...Vanessa strips down and shows Luke how to fuck a woman...Luckily for Vanessa, Luke has watch many video in the past and knows how to treat his Mother/lover...All to Vanessa's benefit... If this does not work, there are not many more options for Vanessa...She can always use her Son as a fuck toy...That is certainly an option in the future... ...a habit breaking day of sex with Mom...Vanessa spends one last and final day with her Son to finally break his Bad Habit...There is not much more Vanessa can do but she is so proud of all he has learned...Vanessa has created a new weapon and that weapon is her Son...Now Vanessa might need a cure to break her habit of sleeping with her Son... Mom just had the worst date of her life...The guy was a total tool and a loser...He had the nerve to not want to fuck Mom...Then Vanessa remembered, she has a son at home that is fully trained on how to please a woman...It was just sex, there was nothing intimate about sex with her Son... Luke is alone on the couch, playing with his phone when Mom walks in...He asks how the date went and before Vanessa could share the bad news, she began to strip off her dress...Vanessa wanted some cock tonight and Luke was on the menu...Luke wanted nothing but to impress his Mother and did exactly what she said...He fucked Mom good and completely cleared her mind of the horrible date she was just on...