Nobody rides my dick as good as my sis

5 months ago

⁣I was walking by my younger sister's bedroom when I heard her talking s*** on someone... so me being the curious guy that I am, decided to find out what's going on. What's all the yelling about sis? I'm so pissed! You're not going to believe what my boyfriend just did! I thought you guys broke up? What happened? Well, we're about to be broken up! He cheated on me! Are you serious?! I can't imagine anyone would cheat on you, you're just too cute sis! -Alex gives me a slight smirk and looks down at my crotch- Maybe you can help me with something... Ok... and what do you want me to do? I want to make him jealous! Let me take a video of me sucking your dick... him seeing me with another guy, he would hate that!! We haven't really talked since we messed around in the family car... And now she wants to use me to make her ex jealous!? This could end very badly if I go thru with this... No way!! What if he finds out that it's me! Trust me he won't find out, I'm not going to show your face.. Please bro!! I really need you to help me get back at him!! I just can't say no to my little sis, especially when she is literally begging to play with my cock!! Watch as things escalate from making her ex jealous to messing around for our own satisfaction! I know it's horrible to say but nobody rides my dick as good as my sis! The way she bounces her tight 18 year old pussy until I'm about to explode! Somehow, sis looks even cuter with my cum covering her face!