Office Visit

Odette misses her step-daddy so she goes in to his work to visit him. She feels like she hasnt seen him very much lately, especially since her moms new boyfriend has entered the picture. She doesnt like him nearly as much as her step-daddy. She notices hes been working really hard and asks if theres anything she can do to help him relax. She doesnt like seeing her step-daddy so stressed out and tired. She starts by rubbing his shoulders to ease the tension and relax him. She knows her step-mom used to rub his shoulders and his back, and then suck his dick. He is taken aback by this information. This is adult stuff and her step-mom shouldnt be talking to her about this. But shes old enough now and wants to show him how good she can make him feel. She starts to rub his chest and works her way down to his crotch as she sinks down to her knees. He stops protesting immediately.She removes his pants and puts his dick in her mouth. It starts to harden as she licks and sucks her daddys big cock. She starts really going and then takes her shirt and bra off so her step-daddy can see her cute little titties. She makes eye contact as she sucks his dick and uses her hand to help until he cums in her mouth and she swallows his load, licking the excess of the tip of his cock and her fingers. She loves the way her step-daddy tastes.


November 23, 2023