Our Step-Brother's Love

Kelsie is leaving for college. Anthony comes in her room for his goodbye present. Previously Rachel, their step-mother, had made the two have sex to control them from arguing. Kimmy, the younger step-sister walked in and saw Kelsie sucking her step-brother's cock. Kimmy freaked out and screamed for her step-mother. Rachel came in and explained to Kimmy that now Kelsie is leaving, it is her turn to take care of her big step-brother. Kimmy was grossed out and Rachel forced her to sit and watch. Kelsie did not like sucking and fucking her step-brother either but she got what she wanted when she did. Kimmy was ordered to undress and masturbate while watching them. Anthony fucked his step-sister while Kimmy and Rachel sat. Rachel told Kimmy to kiss her step-sister and suck on her tits while her step-brother fucked Kelsie to orgasm. Kimmy masturbated as did Step-Mother while Kelsie came. Anthony pulled his cock out and shot his brotherly load all over his step-sister's tummy.


November 27, 2023