Phil Takes Step-Mom And Aunt Julia

Rachel had her step-sister Julia staying for a visit. She lived out in the country and there was not much to do besides work on the farm. Rachel was divorced and both woman at their sexual prime. Julia's husband was always busy with work and did not give her the attention she needed. Rachel had hired hands working the farm. She also had them working her. Julia and Rachel were in the barn with one of the hands. Her step-son Phil came home early from work. He called for his step-mom but no one answered. He walked outside to find her and he heard moaning sounds coming from the stables. As he got closer, he saw his step-mother and aunt half-naked sucking a farm hand's cock. He snuck up and watched as they took turns sucking and finally fucking the hired help! He was pissed. He took his cell phone and recorded the whole thing. Rachel and Julia finished up and went back to the house to clean up. Phil snuck around to the front of the house to pretend he had just got home. Rachel and Julia greeted him and asked how his day went. After some small talk, he asked what they did all day. Rachel flipped through a magazine and told him the usual. Julia also kept her head in a magazine trying to change the subject. Phil laughed at them telling he saw everything in the stables and had it on tape. Rachel yelled at him to mind his own business. Phil had the upper hand. He was bored with farm life too and had serious sexual fantasies to be fulfilled. He wanted his step-mother and aunt! They had no choice. Phil had Julia lick Rachel’s pussy first, and then Rachel had to lick Julia’s pussy. Phil stroked his cock through his jeans watching them. He ordered his aunt to suck his cock and Rachel was to watch. Julia did and Rachel sat there mortified. Phil told Rachel to suck him off and share with Julia. They winced the entire time, sucking off her step-son and sucking off her nephew! Phil wanted more; he ordered them in to the bedroom. They got doggy style and Phil fucked his aunt first. Julia clutched at the bed sheets as he pounded her furiously. Rachel covered her eyes in shame! He then took his step-mother from behind banging her hard. Rachel covered her mouth almost in tears. Phil got his fill switching back and forth. When he was ready to blow, he lay back and made them suck together until he creamed both their faces. Rachel adjusted her clothing and demanded the tape. Phil smiled and said, nope.


November 27, 2023