Piper Perri – Dad’s Discipline

Part One – Caught Stealing from Daddy

Piper has been helping herself to the money in dad’s night stand for a while. This time though she thinks dad is on the other side of the house and gets caught. She tries to deny it, and be daddy’s sweet girl. She is old enough to be taught a lesson about what she has to do if she expects to get money from a man, including daddy. Piper is punished with dad’s thick cock and she can’t barely take it. Dad has mercy after his deep fucking makes her cum and wears her tiny pussy out. He orders her to use her mouth to finish the job and she does as she is told.


Part Two – Young Slut Broken By Daddy

Piper has been acting like a tramp and a slut. Trying to sneak boys in. Hickies ALL over her, her dad has had enough. She is on totally sexual lock down until he says otherwise. But Piper hasn’t been listening to daddy and he finds a big vibrator in her room. Just like if she was caught smoking and have to smoke the whole pack, he is going to work her tiny young pussy with the vibrator till she can’t look at it, and make her cum till it hurts. Just to make sure he pussy is punished inside and out he starts using cock to add to the abuse. Piper cums so many times, and so hard it is agonizing.


Part Three – Not a Day at the Beach

Piper is on her way to “school” but dad is checking the mail and sees that she has been skipping classes almost constantly. Dad spots the skimpy bikini under her “school” clothes and decides to show her what girls that don’t get an education can look forward to. Piper gets the hardest fucking of her life from daddy.

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