Please Don't Show Your Step-Father Those Pics

I can not believe what I found on my Step-Mom's phone, well my step-Mom, Havana. She has a bunch of nudes on her phone and she has been sending them to some guy... that isn't my Step-Dad. Havana is really hot, so I can understand why another guy is trying to fuck her but I am not gonna let that happen... not on my watch. I confront Havana in the kitchen, I even bring her phone to show her I truly know it all, she begs me not to tell my Step-Dad. I tell her I will but only if... I can fuck her. She only agrees to save her marriage with my Step-Dad, she drops to her knees and starts to suck me off right in the kitchen, well until my Step-Dad came. I whisper to her that this isn't finished and it wasn't, I catch up with her later in her room while my Step-Dad is gone. I give her pussy the pounding she has been wanting but not from another man but from her step-son.


December 15, 2023