Please Make Me A Step-Mother And Impregnate Me

I'm your longtime friend visiting you from out of town. We're catching up on the good times when I mention that lately, I've been thinking of becoming a step-mother. You ask who the lucky guy is and I tell you that I've actually thought about asking YOU. I'm more than capable of handling the job on my own but I need sperm. I know you have an impregnation fantasy, so this is your chance for it to come true! I quickly drop my top to reveal my two compelling arguments: my breasts! You give in to my seduction and I climb on top of you. I want you to make me a step-mother... impregnate me! I want that sperm to go deep inside me. I'm ovulating right now so my chances are high. If we fail? We have the whole week to keep trying!


December 4, 2023